Views of Clevedon

The Seafront Area

Clevedon Pier (low tide)

On a typical overcast British Sunday Afternoon, Clevedon Pier from the The Beach (above). The Estuary of the River Severn has the second largest tidal range in the world (after the Bay of Fundy in Canada). These pictures were taken at low tide; compare with the picture at the head of the Clevedon Pier page to see a high tide picture. The average height difference between low and high tides is 47 feet (14.5 metres).

The Pier Head A view of the Pier Head from the top of Marine Hill

The Beach, Clevedon

The main seafront area of Clevedon, The Beach.

The Green Beach, Clevedon General view of The Green Beach, the seafront area between the Salthouse Fields and The Beach, looking north towards the Pier. One of Clevedon's landmark windswept trees is in the foreground on the right, testifying to the strength of the prevailing winds, especially during the winter months.

1887 Bandstand, Clevedon The Bandstand on the Green Beach, built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887.

Clevedon, General View Clevedon Seafront from the southern end of the Marine Lake, near the Salthouse Hotel. Pier on the left, the Green Beach centre right and the Dial Hill area of town in the background. The Salthouse Field is behind the wall on the right of the picture.

Clevedon Marine Lake The Beach and Marine Lake in front of the Salthouse Field, with Wains Hill in the background. The white building centre is the Salthouse Hotel, the Salthouse Field is behind the wall on the left half of the picture.

The Salthouse Field The Salthouse Field was an area where salt was processed from the pools left by the receeding tides. Now it is a green area where all sorts of leisure activities are undertaken. As well as the formal activities of Bowls, Tennis, Golf Putting and a childrens play area, a large grassed area, surrounded by a miniature railway, is host to a 'bouncy castle', Pony and Donkey tides, and impromptu games of football, cricket and such like, according to season, undertaken by residents and visitors alike. Here Martin, the junior member of the Eastmond Family, takes advantage of the breezes and flies his kite. The children's play area is in the background, and the Salthouse Hotel is the white building, in the right background.

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