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Hello and welcome to the Eastmond Home Page! Thanks for dropping in to find out about us and our interests. This site is new and we are still compiling the information we need to go on some of the pages, and we hope that you will drop in again to see how we are progressing.

A Little Bit About Us

Jeff (The one in the middle wearing glasses): Age 50, born London. Computer Services Manager for a national laundry company based in Bristol. Interests include Football (supports Clevedon Town AFC and Crystal Palace FC), Cricket (Sussex), Computing and reading/watching Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Ruth (on the left): Age 49, born Clevedon. Domestic Engineer (Housewife) and part-time Parcel Delivery Courier. Interests include Reading and Travel.

Claire (on the right): Age 19, born Clevedon. At Winchester University, studying English Litereature.

Martin (in the middle): Age 13, born Clevedon. At Clevedon Community School. Interests include Football (plays for Swiss Valley Rangers JFC and supports Clevedon Town AFC, and Arsenal or Manchester United, depending on who is doing the better on any particular day), Cricket (plays for Clevedon Cricket Club Under 13s), and playing Runescape.

We all live in Clevedon, North Somerset, England. We are also members of the Clevedon/Ettlingen Friendship Society, which promotes friendship between families in Clevedon and one of our twin towns, Ettlingen in Germany.

The Eastmond House

'Chez 23', the Eastmond abode in Clevedon.

Our Other Pages

The Clevedon Page

The Ettlingen Page

More Clevedon Links

Clevedon Town AFC

Swiss Valley Rangers FC

Clevedon Crossways - Community links, lifestyle values, spiritual encouragement and prayer requests.

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